Mosaic Art Kit Square 7inch 20cm Dog
REF. Pcs. g.
- RB07 5x5x3 650 Pcs. 64,68 g
- RO01 5x5x3 31 Pcs. 3,08 g
- WB04 5x5x3 7 Pcs. 0,70 g
- WB05 5x5x3 70 Pcs. 6,97 g
- WG01 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- WG04 5x5x3 20 Pcs. 1,99 g
- WL01 5x5x3 420 Pcs. 41,79 g
- WR04 5x5x3 17 Pcs. 1,69 g
- WV02 5x5x3 27 Pcs. 2,69 g
- WW02 5x5x3 155 Pcs. 15,42 g
10 colors - Total 1.457 Pcs. 145 g

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Discover the Alea Mosaic Kit - A new hobby that brings beauty and satisfaction to your life. The kit comes with a hardboard backer and easy-to-follow instructions, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced artists. With magic surface technology, the tile is dipped in water and then placed on the board, where it dries firmly attached.
We have a variety of themes to choose from, including animals, landscapes... so you're sure to find a kit that inspires you. Once complete, The completed mosaic looks very reminiscent of classic Greek or Roman mosaics, providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
With high-quality micro ceramic tiles, the square elements measuring 5x5mm or 0.19inch , a size that was often used by the Romans. Crafted with care in Morocco; each tile is individually glazed and fired at 1050 degrees Celsius (1900 degrees Fahrenheit). with excellent customer service available to provide extra tiles if needed.
To get the most out of this mosaic kit, we suggest having a clear workspace with good lighting, using water to glue the tiles onto the wood base, and handling the tiles with a tweezer to ensure precision and avoid smudging. Please note that tweezers and pliers are not included.
Order yours today and let your creativity shine! Create a unique piece of art for your home, make a personalized gift for a loved one, or simply spend a relaxing afternoon crafting.

Enjoy a new creative outlet with the Alea Mosaic Kit. With high-quality micro ceramic tiles and a sturdy wood base, this kit has everything you need to create beautiful mosaics.

mosaic with true material that will be appreciated for many years, no plastics
express your creativity and make your own mosaic. with square elements, real ceramic micro tiles 1/8 wide (5x5 mm), a size which the Romans used quite often.
The stones are actually molded, glazed and fired as tiny as you see them. The glaze arches upward during the fire, being liquid. It solidifies.
This capillary action everybody knows of water. The small domes reflect the light in all directions..
can be the perfect gift, Birthday, Wedding ,Anniversary ,gift ideas

Easy kind of reverse puzzle
Pretty fast thanks to the ingenuity of our new magic material. Just dip a stone
in water and put it in its place. Continue stone by stone.
Wait, and the tessellate are firmly in place.
Your art work is fished easily.

-1500 ceramic micro tiles - magic wooden base - instructions

Mosaic size:
-seven inch Square or twenty cm

Clay, pottery clay, glazed, fired at 1050 degrees Celsius (1900 degrees Fahrenheit)

Not a Toy, from 14 years and up.

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