Grouting powder, Colour Pigments for Mortar
Colour Pigments for Mortar

N. 400057

0,163 ~ Kg
EAN13: 4250134973152

20 Grams Blue
20 Grams Yellow
20 Grams Green
20 Grams Red
20 Grams Black

Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, black. Iron oxides are non-toxic. The intensity is determined by the percentage, from 0.1% to 4%. You can also mix paints as, e.g. add some black to get a pastel look. Or Yellow + Blue will give shades of Green, depending on the proportions.

It is better to have a postage scale.

You could amuse yourself and re-invent oilcolours, using linseed oil.

Warning: The pigments are very intensive.! Absolutely not to be spilled at home. Avoid to give them to children.

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