kit to create jewellery (nano) Bracelet 1x15,5cm orange clear
Bracelet 1x15,5cm  orange clear
REF. Pcs. g.
- WMG1 3x3x2 6 Pcs. 0,21 g
- WR03 3x3x2 135 Pcs. 4,62 g
2 colors - Total 141 Pcs. 5 g
N. 210025

0,005 ~ Kg
18x6x2 cm
EAN13: 4250134918009

A fashion bracelet, combining genuine leather and the marvelous glazed Lilliput-Stones
Contents: genuine leather, ready for you to put in the stones, special glue, leather strap
is also a fine bookmark.
tutorial videos in YouTube : 0xXOORmDO1s

The two layers of leather, glued and stitched. The space for the gemstones was previously punched out.
The tiny glazed stones must be put in place by hand, using a pair of fine tweezers.

The 3x3 mm stones are called Nano, also Lilliput. Each piece ist individually molded an glazed.
Thanks to the very special special adhesive the stones stay on the leather even after a shower or a short swim.
The fingers are tempted to play with the supple leather and the rigid stones.

The bracelet is also as a precious bookmark.

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