Mosaic frame Kit Heart Mix colors
Heart Mix colors
REF. Pcs. g.
- RO01 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- RW01 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- WG02 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- WG04 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- WV02 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
- WY04 5x5x3 60 Pcs. 5,97 g
6 colors - Total 360 Pcs. 36 g

N. 201614

EAN13: 4250134982215

do it yourself Mosaic Photo Picture Frame Kit, for a portrait of app. 6x5 CM
looks great anywhere in your house.
Elegant Frame made with glazed earthenware
The perfect gift for a variety of occasions.
for mosaic lovers.

mosaic with true material that will be appreciated for many years, no plastics
express your creativity and make your own mosaic.

glazed ceramic tiles, the frame wood base, glue,grout,English Instructions.

No tools supplied, Not a toy, use protective goggles !

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