Bits Ceramic, 5Kg,Mix Assortis, multicolour, BMXA
5Kg,Mix Assortis, multicolour, BMXA
N°. 135040

5 ~ Kg
EAN13: 4250134983700

For creative mosaic friends, normal tiles , hammered to shards
No part is like the other, typically 20-50 mm, 7 / 8 mm thick
2 kg -> 0,25 m² / 8 kg -> 1 m²
Important: the sides are not shredded

Bits Gaudi would like
We chose „bits and pieces“ to name these colourful shards. Englishspeaker sometimes use „piqueassiette“ thinking of broken plates (the French think of what is in there).

Fantasy mandatory
No shard is exactly like the other. Use them to form flowers, fish and more. Children always have this talent, adults sometimes no longer. Here is the counterpart to "painting by numbers".

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