Mosaic-Minis (10x10x3mm), 1.000 pieces, Teracotta red, RN01
Teracotta red, RN01
REF. Pcs. g.
- RN01 10-10-3 1.000 Pcs. 457,88 g
N. 103901

0,46 ~ Kg
12x10x3 cm
EAN13: 4250134904521

make yourself mosaic decorations and images
true material, ceramic tiles (1 x 1 CM) for mosaics.
thickness : 3 mm
ceramic, pottery clay, earthenware, fired at 1.060C
1000 mini ceramic tiles : 0,1 ~ m (32x32cm)

For mini-mosaic
With true material no plastics
Mosaic with square elements, 1x1 cm, a size which the Romans used quite often.
The stones are actually molded, glazed and fired as tiny as you see them. The glaze arches upward during the fire, being liquid. It solidifies. This capillary action everybody knows of water. The small domes reflect the light in all directions.

Easy to use
Suitable for creating artistic mosaics with your own hands.
The vast majority of works can be done without reducing one tile.

Fine tweezers are helpful. Work tile by tile, or consider to work with selfadhesive foils, the sticky side turned up. Combine with other stones.

Material :
ceramic, pottery clay, earthenware, fired at 1.060C
Size: 10x10 mm
thickness : 3 mm

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